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Certified Arborist Available

Our Promise

Knowledge is Power

Here at Timberland Forestry Service LLC we're not all bronze.  We feel it is essential to be knowledgable about trees.  While we specialize in tree removal, the health and maintenance of your trees is also important to us.  After all, if we cut down all of the trees, we will be out of a job!  Therefor, we have a Certified Arborist available upon request to answer any in depth, more explanatory questions you might have. 

We want our clients to be confidents in our ability to care for your trees.  Whether we remove or just maintain, we want our clients rest assure that we  are treating your property and your home as if it was our own.  We pride ourselves on timeliness, cleanliness and dependability which is backed by our experience and insurance.  


Snow Removal

Offering Snow Removal to Upper Kitittas County

Why go outside and freeze if you don't have to?  Need plowed out or perhaps a weekly plow so you and the kids can get to the car with ease? Between our reasonable prices and timeliness we can take care of all of your snow removal needs so its one less thing you have to worry about! 

Tree Removal




Need assistance being FireWised?

For more information on FireWise projects, fuel reduction projects and possible grants assistance for applicable FireWise projects we encourage you to visit the following website by simply clicking the link.  You will then be navigated away from our website  

Let us help you keep your home safe during fire season.  Step by step, we search your property making sure your home has the best chance of survival in the event of a wildfire